This Hope will fade.

We’ve elected a new national leader and the ferver for him is nearly deafening. It’s important for some of us to remember that our political beliefs transcend the system and forum That has more or less birthed and nurtured this great, “Hope.”  I will not deny that this is an exciting and momentous time for the people of this country but I cannot help but wonder what the four years ahead will do to the hopes and dreams and expectations of these people.  It’s fascinating to see the way in which liberal America has rallied behind a single candidate and the immessurable faith they have placed in Barack Obama. Without a doubt the American people are vindicated in their indignation at the way the country has been run over the last eight years. The Center For Strategic Anarchism’s website makes an interesting observation on the liberal and progressive fanbase that has propelled Obama’s campaign through the last 22 months; “If Obama becomes president, many anarchists and other radicals predict, the euphoria on the part of liberals and progressives will quickly give way to disillusionment as the shining star of the Democrats fails to follow through on his empty promises of hope and change. It’s extremely unlikely that an Obama administration will end the occupation in Iraq, threats against Iran, police repression, anti-immigrant crackdowns, escalating poverty, oil dependence, or any of the other crises facing the US; given this, how will the country respond? One possibility is that the vast liberal/progressive base of Obama’s campaign and the new Democratic Party followers will find themselves disaffected from the two-party path and open to new, increasingly radical directions.” I find this unlikely; the american people tend to get very stagnant in their politics. A nation with a standard of living as high as ours has trouble mobilizing behind revolutionary ideas even in the face of extreme disillusionment. I’m happy for the American people and I hope for the best in this nation,I want to share in the hope that America is drunk with tonight but my personal politics and history tend to dictate that this Hope will fade. 


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